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Let me refresh your memory alright? I was the one who took your bullshit. I was the one who actually cared about you. I was the one who stuck around even when everyone told me to leave. I was the one who loved you even when you gave me every reason not to. Lastly, I was the one who was there for you when no one else was. I hope you can sleep on that.

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words out of my fucking mouth

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And you still left.

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Monday, September 29th
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but neither you, nor anybody else ever will.
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… its too early for this bullshit.

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Monday, September 29th
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Have you ever seen brown eyes in the sun? You don’t always notice it at first but you’ll see that ‘brown’ no longer describes them. They melt into golden rays, circling an eclipse. There’s nothing boring about brown eyes, not even when the later hours encroach; they just turn into a sunset of their own. 

Monday, September 29th